Breast Augmentation Faq

Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

Are connective tissue diseases caused by silicone gel-filled breast implants?

The Institute of Medicine recently concluded that “Evidence suggests diseases or conditions such as connective tissue diseases, cancer, neurological diseases or other systemic complaints or conditions are no more common in women with breast implants than in women without implants.

Do silicone gel-filled breast implants cause cancer?

Published studies indicate that breast cancer is no more common in women with breast implants than in women without breast implants. In its authoritative 1999 report, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) concluded that, “There is no increase in primary or recurrent breast cancer in implanted women.

What are the effects of silicone gel-filled breast implants on pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Women with breast implants do not risk exposing their breastfed children to excessive amount of silicone. The Institute of Medicine concluded, “No evidence of elevated silicone in breast milk or any other substance that would be deleterious to infants was found in women with silicone gel-filled breast implants.

Although we have had numerous patients able to breast-feed after breast augmentation, breastfeeding difficulties have been reported following breast surgery including breast augmentation.

How will silicone gel-filled breast implants effect having mammograms?

Current recommendations for getting screening mammograms are no different for women with breast implants that for those without implants. Radiologists experienced in the evaluation of women with breast implants should interpret mammography exams. It is essential that you tell you mammography technologist before the procedure that you have a breast implant. You should request a diagnostic mammogram rather than a screening mammogram because more pictures are taken with diagnostic mammography. The technologist can use special techniques to reduce the possibility of rupture and to get the best possible views of the breast tissue.

Are breast implants permanent?

Breast implants are not considered lifetime devices. You will likely undergo implant removal with or without replacement over the course of your life. Whether undergoing augmentation or reconstruction, be aware that breast implantation is often not a one-time surgery often requiring additional surgery and doctor visits over the course of one’s life.

Is it possible to develop a silicone allergy?

It is possible for anyone to develop an allergy to almost any substance on earth. However, silicone allergies are very rare. We are all exposed to silicone in our environment everyday. It is found in many household items such as polishes, suntan and hand lotion, antiperspirants, soaps, processed foods, waterproof coatings and chewing gum.

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