Calf Implants Complications

Calf Implants Complications

Complications with Calf Implants

As with most cosmetic surgical procedures, complications are unlikely when performed by a skilled and competent surgeon. To reduce the chances of complications, ensure that the surgeon performs calf augmentation regulary, review many before and after photos and speak with one or more previous patients. Following the post-operative instructions are critical to avoid complications, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Anesthesia risks,
  • Bleeding, infection,
  • Displacement,
  • Asymmetry,
  • Poor healing with obvious wide and/or raised scars,
  • Motor or sensory nerve damage,
  • Under-or-over correction
  • Need for revisional surgery.

Also rare, but possible are blood clots or emboli (blood clots which dislodge and travel in the bloodstream to distant sites) which can be fatal.

Be assured that Aventura Center for Cosmetic Surgery will do everything to make the procedure(s) and experience rewarding. In the unlikely event of a complication, or less-than-desirable result, we will do all we can to work toward a satisfactory result.

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