Calf Implants Consultation

Calf Implants Consultation

Calf Implant Consultation

During the initial consultation, it is important to review the patient’s medical history, goals and expectations, as well as develop mutual trust and rapport. Numerous before and after photos are reviewed, the procedure and alternatives are discussed, and the calves are measured. Physical examination and discussion in front of a mirror will evaluate the deficiencies in the medial, lateral or (both) gastrocnemius muscles and determine if calf augmentation will require one or two implants for each lower leg. Next, the size and shape of the implants are reviewed and chosen.

Prospective patients are encouraged to speak with previous patients about their surgery and results. Dr. Gershenbaum and his staff are always available for questions. Following the initial consultation, and after appropriate time for reflection an appointment is scheduled for routine preparation and informed consent. Routine blood analysis and medical clearance are required before surgery.

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