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Cosmetic Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) in Florida

Otoplasty cosmetic surgery, also referred to as ear shaping or ear pinning, can correct protruding or deformed ears.  Many parents choose to have their children’s ears corrected at an early age, usually between four and 14, to prevent ridicule during adolescence. However, many adults also request otoplasty to correct misshapen or oversized ears.


Otoplasty is a relatively simple plastic surgery procedure, which removes excess cartilage and reshaped natural folds through incisions behind the ears. Sutures in the carilage will secure the ears in the correct position from the patients head.  It is important not to correct the postion of the ears by excess skin removal, as this will create an unnatural connection of the ears to the scalp.  The  procedure takes approximately one to two hours, as performed at our Florida practice. Mild pain medication is prescribed to treat any discomfort experienced following surgery. A protective head band is worn post-operatively for a minimum of two weeks. Patients may return to most physical activities within a few weeks.

Contact Dr. Gershenbaum at Aventura Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Restoration in Miami, Florida to schedule a consultation for otoplasty.

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