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Photo Skin Rejuvenation/Photofacial


Intense Pulse Light Therapy Before and After Pigmentation

Aventura Center For Cosmetic Surgery offers Intense Pulse Light therapy or I.P.L., one of the latest advancements in the treatment of hyper-pigmentation(sun spots), broken capillaries, acne scarring, and other skin imperfections. The Palomar Rejuvelux machine consists of hand pieces which emit pulses of light into the skin. The light is absorbed by the pigment(color) in the sunspots and the blood in the visible vessels, and converted to heat. The heat destroys the cells that create the pigment and shrinks the vessels.

Intense Pulse Light differs from Laser in that the pulsed light system uses a much larger treatment window than lasers. This spreads light over a wider area of skin and allows faster coverage of the skin and quicker treatments as a result. Many patients state that Intense Pulse light is less painful, and more comfortable than most Lasers.

Prior to any treatment of Intense Pulse Light a consultation is recommended to determine the number of treatments that may be required. Our therapist will complete a thorough analysis of your skin type and condition to be treated. Although most patients experience excellent results with Intense Pulse Light Therapy, it is a rare possibility that the treatment may not be effective due to certain complications including but not limited to hormonal imbalances, sun exposure, and skin resistance.

Best Prices In Aventura

PhotoFacial/Photo Rejuvenation
Single Treatment — $250

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