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Dr. Sam Gershenbaum is a tummy tuck specialist in Miami. Liposuction and Brazilian butt lifts are also among the cosmetic procedures he offers! Whether you are interested in a procedure, or have already underwent surgery and desire some follow-up work, your desires can be met by Dr. Gershenbaum at the Aventura Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Restoration.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Looking to tighten your abdomen? Then visit our tummy tuck specialist in Miami! Dr. Gershenbaum performs tummy tuck surgery, technically called "abdominoplasty," on patients who cannot achieve a flat stomach by eating well or exercising regularly.


Dr. Gershenbaum offers liposuction at his Miami office to patients who are near their ideal body weight but need a little extra help getting rid of stubborn fat deposits. Areas such as the face, arms, and midsection can be slimmed down with this procedure.

Dr. Sam Gershenbaum

Brazilian Butt Lift

As you age or lose weight, your body begins to loose elasticity. To tighten sagging skin on one's backside, Dr. Gershenbaum offers his patients in Miami the Brazilian butt lift. This procedure is designed to give you firmer buttocks and a more flattering figure.

After significant weight loss, there is usually excessive loose, hanging skin on the body. Fortunately, Dr. Gershenbaum provides post bariatric surgery in Miami, which further tightens the body and completes the surgical weight loss process.

To get a better idea of typical results, please take a look at our extensive before and after photo gallery that displays Dr. Gershenbaum's previous patients.

We look forward to meeting with you! Please call our office at (305) 933-1838 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Gershenbaum!

To schedule an appointment for BOTOX® Treatment, contact the Aventura Center, located just north of Miami, Florida.

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2954-B Aventura Blvd  
Aventura, FL 33180

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Ph: (305) 933-1838

Fax: (305) 933-1850



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